Deborah L. Smith Ed.M/LMHC

Freequently Asked Questions
How do I become a patient?
Sometimes the hardest part is making the first call.  We are here to assist you in your journey to better mental health.  Please contact us at (509) 222-1348 and we will get your basic demographic information including your email address and a little information about what your concerns are.  You will then be given an appointment and Deborah will send an invitation to the client portal which will contain the forms that need to be filled out before your appointment.                                                                                                                                                                       
Can I get medication prescribed to me?
At this time, we are not able to prescribe medication at our office.  If, during any sessions the subject of medication arises, I will urge you to talk to your medical professional or seek someone who specializes in in psychotropic medication.
How do I pay for services?  Do you take state Insurance?
I accept most private insurances including state insurance. Beginning January 2024 I will be able to accept Medicare.

If you do not have insurance but would still like to be a client we do accept Cash, Check, VISA, MasterCard and Discover.  In some cases we offer a sliding scale fee.  
Please call our office to get more information about this (509) 222-1348.
Can I bring my children with me to my appointment?
We ask that you do not bring your children with you to your appointment.  Often times the subject matter discussed in session is not appropriate for children.  The therapist also needs to have your full attention in the session.
What is DBT?
DBT, Dialectical Behavior Therapy is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy that relies on skill training to help individuals in their everyday lives.  The skills are designed to enhance or replace (depending on the client's need) the current skills used.  The skills are designed to help with times of distress, emotions, relationships and staying in the present moment (not thinking about the past or future).

While the skills are leaned in the session, homework helps the client use the skill outside of the office, in everyday life, as this is where we live and interact with others.

I specializes in DBT.   For more information please to to the website.

What is Ericksonian Hypnotherapy?
Ericksonian hypnotherapy (or indirect, metaphorical hypnosis) is the term used to describe a very specific type of hypnosis which is hallmarked by the use of indirect suggestion, metaphor and storytelling, as opposed to the direct type of suggestion that was its predecessor.  The individual, while in trance which is a state of focused attention, is completely aware of what is going on and has the option to choose whether to follow any of the options suggested or not.  They are in complete control.

To learn more about Ericksonian hypnotherapy, Google 'Milton Erickson', the founder, read his biography and see the many books and articles that have been written.

I have completed all 3 levels of Ericksonian hypnotherapy at the Erickson Foundation in Phoenix, Az. and am a registered hypnotherapist with the state of Washington.

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